Join PA DanceSport Ballroom for their virtual Latin Dance Party!  Learn how to salsa dance and have a great night of dancing at home.  Simply cut and paste this URL into your browser.  To register, enter your name, email and phone number, click submit, and a registration confirmation will come to your email address with the meeting URL, Meeting ID and password.  That’s all you need to attend the dance on Wednesday night.  Its free! 

Copy and paste the URL into your browser and you are set!  The meeting opens 30 minutes ahead of the start time of 7:00 pm, so join in early!

They also have line dances that would be awesome for entire families to do.  The links are below.

Fun line dance called the Watermelon Crawl:

Fun line dance called Lonely Drum:

Great line dance for kids:

We do one line dance per week.