We have learned that Mr. Leo Brent Bozell, IV – the individual who wore a “Hershey Christian Academy” sweatshirt while engaged in inappropriate activities on January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol – is now facing federal charges for his conduct.

In the course of reporting on the charges that Mr. Bozell faces, various media outlets have suggested and/or reported that Mr. Bozell is a former coach of HCA’s girls’ basketball team, and that information has made its way into the affidavit of probable cause submitted by the FBI.

The information about Mr. Bozell and the Academy is incorrect. As the HCA stated in two public statements issued in January in response to a flurry of speculation on Twitter and other social media sites, Mr. Bozell is not a member of the HCA’s staff or its board of directors, he is not an employee, and he is not a representative of the Academy. Mr. Bozell most certainly is not a former coach of a girls’ basketball team at our school, given that we opened in 2019 and have no sports program of any kind.

Mr. Bozell’s actions have caused considerable disruption to our school community. Our school has been cast in an unwarranted negative light. Our staff members have been harassed. The parents of our students are concerned. Most importantly, the backlash from Mr. Bozell’s actions has prevented our staff and board from focusing on the sole mission of providing a Christ-centered education to our students.

The Academy would like to get back to the business of educating its students in a loving and safe environment. We cannot do that if we must redirect our school’s limited resources to correct inaccurate reporting that suggests a correlation between the Academy and Mr. Bozell that does not exist.

We ask that the media please respect our wishes and leave the school and its stakeholders out of any reporting on Mr. Bozell’s actions and any charges he faces as a result.


Welcome to the Hershey Christian Academy. I am so glad you took time to look into our school! We have so much to offer your child and your family. Let me tell you a little about why HCA and our community are worth considering.

We offer your child a faith journey that will lead to discovery of skills, talents, and purpose in life that comes from a loving God, a Savior who finds worth in a relationship with us, His creation. Whether it is through music, academics, the arts, or athletics, he or she will be immersed in learning, all while developing a biblical worldview.

Those very skills and purposes are realized in each student through academic excellence and challenge that comes from a highly trained teaching staff. These are teachers who believe with all their hearts that every student is worth extra effort and attention to provide the greatest learning experience with the most impact.

At Hershey Christian Academy, we come alongside you as a parent to encourage, support, and provide a community that teams together to educate your child. We have multiple opportunities for your family to be involved at HCA and to be an influence in the direction of your child’s education. We invite you to engage with us in exploring this faith and education journey. We are in this together because Every Child is Worth It!

Chris Miller
Hershey Christian Academy

Upcoming Events!

March 1st ~ Easter Flower Fundraiser and Asher Chocolate Fundraiser Begins!
March 9th ~ Spring Photo Day @ 8:00 am
March 12th ~ Missions Day
March 15th ~ Open House 9am-noon, by appointment only
March 26th ~ End of 3rd Quarter

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We are currently accepting applications for Substitute Teachers!


 To apply, submit your curriculum vitae and resume to our office at the address or email below.  Please be sure to read our Statement of Faith to ensure you are comfortable with our focus.  All positions require clearances.  View our non discrimination statement HERE.

Hershey Christian Academy, 99 Valley Road, Hummelstown, PA 17036. 

You may also submit applications to [email protected]


What people say about us...

wendy moyer

Wendy Moyer

Although this is a new school technically, it will have the same “feel” that we’ve had for the last 10+ years because it’s the same community with (anticipating) many of the same great teachers. Highly recommend it for a safe, nurturing, character building, academically excellent academic experience!

Debbie Hoffer

Debbie Hoffer

A peace-filled place of learning excellence. We can’t wait to continue our journey with Hershey Christian Academy this fall!

andria jacobs


My role is first as a parent, and with that comes the responsibility that I have been given by GOD to nurture, teach, and raise the blessing he has provided us with.  There is no better place that I would rather put my child in than at Hershey Christian Academy.  I have seen first hand the experience that a educational environment with a Christ centered core has given my daughter and my family.  My daughter has shown confidence that she didn’t realize she had and for that, I am forever grateful.  If you want to have a wonderful experience while providing your child with a solid education, Hershey Christian Academy is for you.  I encourage you to contact HCA.

profile pic


“The teachers at Hershey Christian Academy have facilitated life-changing growth in our daughter. Although she was already a confident student, the peaceful environment these teachers provide encouraged her to firmly plant her feet but spread her wings to develop into the unique creation God created her to be. We appreciate the smaller student-to-teacher ratio, as it allows for an individualized approach in education. If your child needs support, s/he will get it. If s/he needs to be challenged more, rest assured these teachers will identify and respond with creative planning.”